Ron Knows About Choices

Ronald James knows about choices. He knows how bad choices can impact so many lives and have tragic results.


In his brutally honest book, Choices: Lessons Learned from a Repeat Offender, James details his experiences, broken relationships and the many consequences of his actions.

Students from local schools and treatment centers have the opportunity to hear James when he visits to share his story.

His Story

From a young age, James lived a life of crime and spent 25 years in and out of detention centers and prisons until he made the decision to change.

“There became a time when I finally got disgusted with myself and decided enough was enough. My second chance is to pour my life into yours and help you all make better choices,” shared James.

Feeling the power of James’ words, students ask many meaningful questions and had the opportunity to share some of their own struggles. James encourages them to think about how their poor choices impact others, not just themselves.

He empowered the students to learn from their mistakes and have hope for their future. James wrote his autobiography to give back to the community and reach out to young people whose lives could be impacted by his story.

He challenged the students by asking, “Whose choice is it? Right, wrong or indifferent, we all have choices that we make.